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Lunar Dawn, led by Lunar Outpost, has been awarded a NASA Lunar Terrain Vehicle Services (LTVS) contract and is surveying the Australian Space Industry for potential commercial payloads to operate on the lunar surface by 2029, and for lunar technology that could enhance the capabilities of the Lunar Terrain Vehicle Rover or Ground/Mission Operations segment.

The LTV is a versatile rover designed to enhance lunar exploration by Artemis astronauts. It will operate both as a crew-driven vehicle and an uncrewed mobile science platform, facilitating extensive scientific research and exploration even when astronauts are not present. Lunar Dawn is one of three teams competing on the LTV contract.

Phase 1 is 12 months in duration and expected to take the program to a Preliminary Design Review.


Lunar Outpost is seeking general industry information to understand what capabilities and services the Australian Space Industry can offer to enhance the capabilities of LTVS. Lunar Outpost is seeking information in the following areas:

• Payloads to operate on the LTV Rover or on the Lunar Surface

> Payloads would be delivered to the Lunar Surface with the LTV Rover

• Technologies that could enhance the capabilities of the LTV Rover. Examples of technologies of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

> Avionics

> Communication Systems

> Crew Systems and Interfaces (Displays, Lighting, Crew Controls, etc.)

> Attitude Control Sensors

> Thermal Control System

> Robotic Systems

• Technologies that could enhance the capabilities of the LTVS Ground and Mission Operations segment. Examples of technologies of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

> Disruption/Delay Tolerant Network capabilities

> Ground Antennas

> Ground Modems

> Ground Software for controlling and interfacing with the LTV Rover and payloads

> Mission Control Center (MCC) services or hardware

> Mission Management


1.2.1 Technical Information

In addition to the service or capabilities being offered, Lunar Outpost is seeking additional company and technical information that will support Lunar Outpost in understanding current market capabilities. Responses shall include information pertaining to the following areas:

• Company background and heritage respective to space or lunar missions

• Details of current or planned capabilities that would support this development activity

1.2.2 Cost Information

As part of the response, please provide any costing information regarding the service being offered. Where possible, costing information should be as detailed as possible, providing both Recurring Engineering (RE) and Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) costs.

1.2.3 Schedule Information

The provider should provide information pertaining to the development and delivery timeline of the offering to support the LTVS contract. If selected, the primary schedule requirement for Phase 1 is that the offering shall be ready for a Preliminary Design Review (PDR) by no later than February 1, 2025.


RFI Respondents should submit replies electronically to:

info@lunaroutpost.com with Joseph Kenrick (joseph.kenrick@lunaroutpost.au) on CC.

The subject line of the e-mail shall read "LTVS Australian Space Industry RFI.”

All responses must be received by 11:59 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time on Friday 28 June, 2024.

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